Fango - starting from $80

Fango is an Italian word that is used interchangeably for mud and clay. Europeans have used fango for centuries to soothe aching muscles and ease inflammatory diseases and disorders. Humic acid, found in moor mud, is used in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The types of fango used for spa treatments typically come from three places: Hot springs, lakes and the ocean.

Hot springs create fango with a high mineral content. Lake mud and clay are often used medicinally and can tone and tighten the skin. Sea-sourced fango has been used for centuries to ease skin conditions.

While their origins may be the same, mud and clay can affect the body differently. Muds have hydrating, analgesic and purifying properties, whereas clay can have a more stimulating and drying effect on the skin. Both have a warming and relaxing effect.

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