Exfoliation - starting from $80

As we age, our skin sloughs off dead skin cells at a slower rate. This makes our skin appear older and inhibits its ability to breathe. Since the skin is our largest organ of elimination, dead skin cells act as a barrier to both the removal of waste products and absorption of nutrients.

Lotion and oil application is more effective when the skin has been regularly exfoliated because layers of dead skin are no longer preventing its absorption into the deeper levels of skin.

Benefits of exfoliation include:

  • Increased circulation. The friction created by dry brushing or scrub application brings superficial blood flow to the skin, creating a healthy glow. When working in the direction of lymph flow, we can also increase efficiency in the lymph system.
  • Sedation and stimulation. When a scrub is performed vigorously, it will stimulate the nervous system, while a slower application has a sedative effect.

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