My Specialties & Services


Massage is designed to employ a variety of therapeutic, corrective, and restorative modalities and procedures. It’s a great tool for relaxation, pain relief, easing muscle tension, and more.


Fango is an Italian word that is used interchangeably for mud and clay. Europeans have used fango for centuries to soothe aching muscles and ease inflammatory diseases and disorders.


Dead skin cells act as a barrier to both the removal of waste products and absorption of nutrients. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells faster and increases your skin’s ability to breathe.


The two basic types of scrubs are made with sugar or salt. Each has differing therapeutic properties and considerations and encourages the feeding and regeneration of skin cells.


Full-body wraps can be classified as detoxifying or hydrating. Heat is used to encourage perspiration and speed the elimination of metabolic waste as well as the absorption of product.


Packages incorporate a variety of modalities, or massage techniques, and range of motion to arrive at a treatment that is tailored to each client. Depending on your needs or goals.

My Approach to a massage session

  1. We’ll start by scheduling your massage
  2. Your space will be carefully prepared (aeration, cleaning, etc…)
  3. Let’s establish a relationship, not just a transaction. For example, let’s discuss your preferences or medical conditions if relevant
  4. I’ll give a presentation of the massage technique to be used, the physical conditions you’ll experience, and the benefits they will bring
  5. I will leave the room or otherwise provide privacy while you undress. A sheet or towel will be provided for draping during the massage and I will uncover only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that modesty is respected at all times. After the massage is finished, you will be provided with privacy while dressing

Things to Know Before Your Massage Session

  • Pleae don’t eat just before a massage session, it could interfere with the experience
  • Remember to wear only enough clothes to make it easy to take them off before the start of the session
  • Please be on time to the massage salon
  • There will be a questionairre regarding your health or other issues that help me to ensure a positive massage session
  • Breathe normally and relax during the massage
  • Drink as much liquid as possible after the massage session
  • The effects of massage accumulate over time; therefore, be prepared for several massage sessions