Massage Techniques Rooted in Family Tradition

Natalia’s training began in her grandmother’s home in Moldova and continued across Israel and the US. Come experience her unique blend of techniques.


Massage’s are designed to employ a variety of therapeutic, corrective, and restorative modalities and procedures. It’s a great tool for relaxation, pain relief, easing muscle tension, and more.

Fango Therapies

Fango is an Italian word that is used interchangeably for mud and clay. Europeans have used fango for centuries to soothe aching muscles and ease inflammatory diseases and disorders.


Dead skin cells act as a barrier to both the removal of waste products and absorption of nutrients. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells faster and increases your skin’s ability to breathe.


The two basic types of scrubs are made with sugar or salt. Each has differing therapeutic properties and considerations and encourages the feeding and regeneration of skin cells.


Full-body wraps can be classified as detoxifying or hydrating. Heat is used to encourage perspiration and speed the elimination of metabolic waste as well as the absorption of product.


Packages incorporate a variety of modalities, or massage techniques, and range of motion to arrive at a treatment that is tailored to each client. Depending on your needs or goals.

Best Seller Packages

5 Session Pack 60 minutes each - 425$

10 Sessions Pack 60 minutes each - 800$

NC Signature Massage for her 100 minutes - 179$

NC Signature Massage for him 100 minutes - 170$

Hello! I’m Natalia

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist

I’ve been in love with massage since my grandmother’s time. I looked up to her and remember watching her massage sessions with fascination and curiosity.

Over the years that followed, my love for massage grew. I studied and trained to be what I am today: A licensed massage therapist in a wide variety of massage techniques. My work with clients has allowed me to hone and perfect my techniques throughout my 15-year career.

I think my grandmother would be proud to know that her skill as a masseur is now in the trained and skilled hands of her granddaughter!

My Approach & Values

I believe in continuous training!

I believe in responsible and personalized involvement for the good of my clients!

I believe that massage is a solution for treatment and fitness improvement!

I believe in what I do!

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